Other People’s Opinions About Me Aren’t My Business

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much personal development I’ve experienced since becoming an It Works Distributor. I honestly joined thinking it’d be great to earn some extra cash each month. I was thinking $300 and I’d be happy! At first I treated this as a hobby. I didn’t allow myself to dream big. I expected I’d continue to meet the status quo- that we’d always have debt. I honestly didn’t think an introvert like me could ever be successful.

This experience has helped me to realize that the opinions of others really don’t matter that much! I used to worry about “bugging” people. I doubted myself. I was afraid of failure. The truth is you will ALWAYS have your critics! Now I just ask myself if the critique is true or helpful, and then I either dump it or I consider how I can make a change. I’ve learned failure is an important part of growth. I’ve become more self-aware and make a conscious effort NOT to dwell on the negative.

Most people respect that I am following my heart. Some doubt me. Some don’t care either way. I refuse to let others determine my goals, my dreams, my future! This business has allowed me to be with my kids nearly every day of the week. I was able to pay off the birth of my daughter before we even left the hospital, I bought my son a new furniture set from Pottery Barn Kids, I paid off my student loan AND I’m up for a $10,000 bonus this month! In the end, my true friends and family support me and build me up. I have found a new tribe that inspires and motivates me every day! I sell high quality products and I help others change their lives too! What could be better?

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